About Ninah

Hello!  My name is Ninah Hunter.  I created this site to provide a resource to entrepreneurs at all levels to help them start and grow an online affiliate marketing business, one of the best and fastest way to earn money, build wealth, and create financial freedom.

My Background

I am a retired mortgage loan originator.  I’ve actually had several careers during my adulthood, including real estate broker, real estate investor, family law attorney, teacher, freight forwarder, safety equipment sales clerk, tour guide, and singer.  Some were more rewarding and lucrative than others.  However, none really gave me the opportunity to create unlimited wealth or the kind of financial freedom I had always wanted.

I fell in love with the internet early on and have always been quite the avid internet consumer.   Only recently did I begin to realize the amazing potential it offers to create and grow online businesses that can provide significant passive income and financial freedom and independence.  Having become dissatisfied with my then current job, from which I wasn’t earning enough to make up for the stress, tedium, and time I had to invest in it,  I decided to retire early and jumped in feet first into the internet marketing world.

My Online Beginnings

Despite my enthusiasm, my beginnings in the online business world were less than auspicious.  I was enticed initially by several online training programs that promised instant riches and passive income, “passive” in the sense the business would run on autopilot.  I quickly learned there was going to be nothing fast about it and that a lot of time and consistent effort and focus would be required to develop any type of online business.  I created several websites and an e-commerce store, which I later abandoned because I was losing money or to pursue another niche or training program.

While I gained a lot of good, general information about internet marketing, I couldn’t put it all together and focus on one thing long enough to start seeing a return on my investment.  Then, I discovered affiliate marketing and Wealthy Affiliate.  Finally, there was a comprehensive and very affordable program that included not only training, but also all the tools necessary to run an online affiliate marketing business, such as domain name and website hosting, website building, email, keyword search, content building/copywriting, community support, and much more.  So, Wealth Affiliate (WA) is where I have stayed and finally got my focus and internet marketing mojo to happen.

My Goal

One of the things WA promotes and strongly encourages is helping others.  That became the purpose of this website, to help others like me dissatisfied with their current jobs or financial situation to start, develop, and grow an online affiliate marketing business.

Whether you are just starting or a seasoned internet marketer, I hope this site will provide some new tools, insights, tips, advice, and inspiration to jumpstart and accelerate your online success.  I have always been a teacher and mentor at heart.  I believe that I will get back two-fold whatever I give out.  Plus, the best way to learn is to teach!

So, if you ever need help or have something to share, please feel free to leave your questions or comments below, and I will be more than happy respond.

To your online success!

Ninah Hunter